Who are the researchers?

Samantha Tornello, PhD

Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Pennsylvania State University

Principle Investigator

Dr. Tornello received her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Virginia. Dr. Tornello’s research has focused broadly on families, parenting, gender, and sexual orientation. The majority of her work has explored the role of family composition in children’s development, parental dynamics, and couple functioning. How do variations (e.g., pathways to parenthood or division of unpaid labor) and changes (e.g., divorce) in family composition relate to family members’ development and functioning? This study will take a step back and look at how people think about becoming parents and their future family.

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Henny Bos, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Research Associate

Henny Bos, Ph.D, is Associate Professor, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences Graduate School of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, College of Child Development and Education, Research Institute of Child Development and Education, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Dr. Bos has been conducting a longitudinal study of Dutch lesbian families, has just started a study on surrogate parenting and their children's development, and will also be replicating this study in the Netherlands. Dr. Bos's research interest surround LGBTQ parents, LGBTQ adolescents, and children's development in LGBTQ families.

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Have any questions? Send an email to Dr. Tornello at IntendedParentStudy at gmail dot com